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by James M
(31 Oct 17 @ 8:33 am)

I have been in the trucking industry for over 30 years and I have had my fair share of break downs in the past. There is nothing that puts a damper on your day than a big truck breaking down on the side of a busy road and you have nowhere to go. I think that probably the worst thing that can happen when you are a truck driver is to have a major breakdown on the side of busy highway. But luckily this is where Truck Unit Repairs come in handy. These guys are not afraid of a challenge. My truck had mechanical failure on my way down the coast just after dark a few weeks ago. I called Truck Unit Repairs & Exchange to come out and help me get the truck back en-route. They immediately responded and within less than an hour my truck was being repaired. They are so well informed to the parts that...    Read more »

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Company Vision

The vision of Truck Unit Repairs & Exchange envisages an industry where the service provided to our customers is right the first time and every time thereafter, and so becoming the first choice in truck unit repairs and exchange.

Company Ppolicy

Quality work in the shortest possible turn-around time and at a market related price.

Quality and Performance Policy

It is the Quality and Performance Policy of Truck Unit Repairs & Exchange cc to maintain a commercially viable business with sustainable growth i.e Quality and Performance Management System. It must be noted that wherever the word Quality appears it reads Quality and Performance.

In order to realize this objective Truck Unit Repaits & Exchange shall:

  • Satisfactorily meet the expressed abd inferred expectations and requirements of our customers
  • Work with our suppliers and business partners to customise, implement and support the company's services so addressing a changing market place, technology and customer requirements in a controlled manner.
  • Ensure that its staff are and continue to be motivated and committed to meet the compnay's targets and objectives, by setting of realistic goals and expectations, supported by the development and training together with a working environment conducive to good working practices, and so promoting an atmosphere for continual improvement.
  • Implement and maintain a Quality Management System based on the ISO9001:2000 requirements.
  • Financial and Human Resources systems which conform to industry norms and practices.
  • Review and revise this policy statement as and when the need arises.

We have road side assistance teams that work country wide including Botswana and Namibia. We fit service exchange units next to the road whereever you have a breakdown. The conditions for this are:

  • Account holding customers only
  • Vehicle must stand in a position where it is safe to work
  • We must have a service exchange unit available.

This cuts down on a lot of down time and towing costs.


  • We offer a 24 hour, 7 day service
  • 24 Month Warranty - Unlimited Kilometers
  • Roadside assistance anywhere in Africa
  • Fully equipped roadside assistance vehicles for the removal & fitment of units to account customers only
  • A wide range of service exchange units available
  • Technicians trained to the highest standard in each field - evident in the short times used to remove & refit units
  • Professional failure reports, photos & advice on every unit
  • Test bench facilities available on site for gearboxes & steering boxes
  • Management staff from almost every aspect of the technical field relates to a good understanding for the different needs for the industry
  • One of the longer standing unit building companies around

Technical backup

  • Combined experience of 154 years
  • Technical library covering Eaton / Fuller, ZF, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Scania, Meritor, etc.
  • Fast moving spares


  • All units repaired where they fail
  • Minimal use of recovery vehicles
  • Maximum vehicle usage
  • Cost effective repair


  • One number to call
  • No third party involvement


  • Countrywide – from central location of Germiston

Componenets we specialise in

We repair and recondition:

  • All makes of Transmissions : Mercedes * Fuller * ZF * Scania * Volvo * Toyota * Nissan * Etc - Etc.
  • All makes of Axles and Centre Portions (Diffs) : Mercedes * Meritor * MAN * Scania * Volvo * Toyota * Nissan * Etc - Etc.
  • All makes of Steering Boxes : ZF * Mercedes * Toyota * Nissan * Sheppard * Scania * Etc - Etc.
  • We also carry a very wide range of Service Exchange Units : ZF * Fuller * Mercedes * Meritor * Etc – Etc.

All our work and Service Exchange Units carry a 12 months Unlimited Warranty.

Conditions of Sale

Goods supply in accordance with order will be subjected to a 10% handling charge if returned. Accounts are payable strictly 30 days after statement date. 2 % Interest will be charged monthly on amounts exceeding these terms. We further reserve ourselves the right to repossess items not paid for in the specified period. The customer specifically contents to the jurisdiction of the local Magistrate’s Court for the recovery of any amounts owing not – withstanding that such amounts exceeds the normal jurisdiction of the said court.


TRUCK UNIT REPAIRS & EXCHANGE cc guarantee the transmission and axle units that it supplies to be free from defects in workmanship or material and limits it's liability to the repair or replacement within a period of twelve months unlimited mileage in on- highway service.

The warranty period will commence from the time that the products are delivered to the first user i.e. registered owner, leaser or renter.

All parts or units claimed to be defective are to be returned to the premises of TRUCK UNIT REPAIRS & EXCHANGE cc, carriage pre-paid, unless agreement has been previously reached that the examination will take place at another location. In certain circumstances when the return of material is proven to be unreasonable, TRUCK UNIT REPAIRS & EXCHANGE cc is prepared to consider alternative agreement subject to these being acceptable to both parties.

The maximum shelf life of units must not exceed six months from the date of supply and storage facilities must not allow deterioration of the unit to take place.

Re-imbursement will be made in the following manner:

  • If a complete unit is returned and proven to be defective within the terms stated above, it will be repaired and returned to the sender as a guaranteed reconditioned unit, free of charge.
  • If a complete unit is returned and proven not to be defective within the terms stated above, it will be:
  • returned to the sender and a charge made for it’s examination; or
  • repaired, returned and charged as a guaranteed reconditioned unit.
  • If parts (i.e. gears, shafts, etc.) are returned and proven to be defective within the terms stated above, they will be replaced free of charge.
  • If parts (i.e. gears, shafts, etc.) are returned and proven not to be defective within terms stated above, they will be:
  • returned to the sender and charge made for each examination; or
  • retained for twenty one days after notification to the sender of the decision, then scrapped.

This warranty also makes no allowance for, and does not cover labour charges or charges incurred due to consequential damage, towing, breakdown charges, misuse, faulty air systems, neglect or accident.

Claims submitted under these terms of warranty must be accompanied by the following details, otherwise consideration will not be given to that claim.

  • Type of Unit.
  • Our Job number (Stamped on Unit).
  • Date into service.
  • Date failed.
  • Proof of Propshaft Balancing.
  • Outline of Failure.


  • TURECC guarantees its units supplied to be free from defects in workmanship and materials and limits its liability to the repair or replacement, within a period of 12 months unlimited mileage on in Highway service.
  • The warranty period will commence from time of delivery to the first user i.e. registered owner, leaser, renter.
  • Claims will not be considered if lodged after expiry of the above mentioned prescription time.
  • All Claims are to be made in writing.
  • TURECC reserves the right to physically inspect all claims made against it.
  • The purchaser shall make available for inspection all such goods claimed against.
  • All goods remain the property of TURECC until paid for in full.
  • All goods claimed against by the purchaser will be paid for in full or the claim will not be recognized.
  • Proof of such payment will only be considered with proof of company documents issued at time of payment.
  • Payments will only be considered and accepted once cleared by the Relevant Banking Institutions.
  • TURECC will not be liable for any costs incurred by any third party in the repair or replacement of goods purchased by the client from the guarantor.
  • Guarantee will be rendered null and void if the unit is tampered with, dismantled or worked on in any manner by any one other that TURECC staff.
  • TURECC holds itself harmless and will not be responsible for any costs for damages incurred which includes but is not limited to; Downtime; Loss of income: Accommodation; Towage transportation; Damage to vehicle or any part there of etc.
  • All parts or units claimed against account to be returned to TURECC premises for inspection unless agreement has been reached that examination will take place at another location.
  • All claims should be accompanied by the following: · Type of Unit; · Our Job No (Stamped on Unit); · Date into service; · Date failed; · Proof of Prop shaft balancing; · Outline of Failure
  • If any part or unit is returned and proven to be defective within the terms stated above. It will be repaired or replaced and returned to the owner as a reconditioned unit free of charge.
  • If a complete unit is returned and proven not to have failed due to defective workmanship or materials it will be returned to the owner and a charge made for its examination. Repaired and returned and charged as a guaranteed unit.